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    Spacewalk is a short film written and directed by J.D. Amato and produced by Rachael Fung. The film was produced independently and through a production allotment awarded by New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. The film served as writer and director J.D. Amato's Advanced Production at Tisch School of the Arts' Kanbar Institute of Film and Television under professor Ezra Sacks.

    The concept of the film was inspired by the director's own experience working with disabled children throughout his life, specifically his own sister. His expsure to those determined to pursue a passion despite logical limitations led to the creation of Spacewalk. An early draft of the script was nominated for NYU's Oliver Stone Writing Award and was then granted an NYU production allotment to send the film into principle photography.

    The film went into production after a difficult year when a fellow NYU classmate passed away on set after an unfortunate accident. For several of the principal crew members and contributors to the film, Spacewalk served as one of their first times back on set. Due to these circumstances, the film was almost disallowed from enterting production were it not for producer Rachael Fung who was instrumental in re-establishing many of the guidelines and alterations to the NYU production system after a near-total shut down of NYU productions.

    The film was shot in upstate New York in the small town of Wellsville, NY. The mayor and citizens of the town graciously accepted the cast and crew of the film and opened it's doors wherever they could. The entire cast and crew were housed in local motels and homes, the shoot was catered both by local restaurants and by residents of the town, all of the locations were provided for free by the people of Wellsville, and members of the community even took small roles in the film. A reporter from the local paper stopped by each day on set and it wasn't unusual to have a crowd of interested citizens watching the shoot just off frame. It was a near perfect environment for filmmaking save for the unpredictable weather patterns that made scheduling the film very difficult.

    The film is now finished and being sent to film festivals around the world. The film currently does not have distribution. For more information on any aspects of the film, please contact writer/director J.D. Amato directly at jd@justdreamingaway.com.

J.D. As part of an unlikely dream to become an astronaut a young man in a wheelchair attempts to walk for the first time.
••• J.D.
    Rusty Banderson is a passionate young man from a small town with one big idea: he wants to be an astronaut. Unlike most candidates, however, Rusty has some significant obstacles in his way: he's unqualified, untrained, and completely confined to a wheelchair. In an attempt to prove his determination and grit to the Astronaut Selection Committee Rusty decides to do (and videotape) the impossible. At midnight on the night of the lunar equinox, Rusty is going to walk. J.D.